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Inspection Trips


Inspection Trips to Turkey for Homes Overseas

Buying property abroad is a major step, but once a decision is made it becomes easy to identify the desired location and type of property provided it is done via professionals. “weareALANYA” is one of the leading estate agents having since 2003 developed and sold thousands of properties in the region. We have accumulated large carefully selected portfolio varying from Brand New to Resale Apartments including Brand New Off-Plan properties.

Once a decision is made regarding the location and where (within city border) and formed a clear impression of the desired facilities and services in the locality and having identified the Real Estate agent you wish to buy the property through; inspection trips become necessary.

It is imperative that prior to undertaking the inspection trip (filling online request and booking the inspection trip); the buyer should communicate with the Estate Agent and ensure that their requirements could be met by that agent as they might not have the desired type of property. In this case the buyer may very well end-up incapable to meet other agents and inspect their portfolios. The whole trip would be rendered unfruitful.

Real Estate agencies implement various policies in regard these Inspection Trips; some bear all costs from air tickets to accommodation for several days; others would not compensate you for the inspection trip if you meet with other agents. This is not the case with our company and does not impose such conditions.

Real Estate agents have different approaches for providing Inspection Trips: some would arrange for cheap flights and hotel accommodations at lower costs to gain the buyers attention under the assumption that they are balancing the cost from the commissions to earned. This places pressure on both the Agents representative and the buyer. Others would impose a condition that the buyer should not meet with other agents and if the buyer does meet with others they will not cover the cost. This is not our policy or approach.

“weareALANYA” does not practice such policies. We want the buyer to feel comfortable and not under any pressure. We will choose the best properties suitable to your needs, requirements and budget and ensure that you comfortably inspect them without any pressure. This hugely matters to us; Why? Because a sale for us is not the end of our duty towards a customer, the opposite. The happier you are with your purchase, the higher your satisfaction is and would encourage you to recommend us to others thus cementing our reputation and gaining more clients.

Our proposal for Inspection Trips to buy property in Turkey is ethically arranged to ensure that the Buyer is satisfied and happy with their purchase and as follows:

Step 1:Flight Tickets – We would assist you to purchase the best flight tickets available matching your travel dates. If you decide to buy the property via our company, we would deduct the cost of the flight tickets from the purchase price up to Euro 200 per person (maximum 2 persons).

Step 2: Airport Transfers – We can arrange for incoming and outgoing private transfers at a cost which is also stated on our website which would be deducted later from the purchase price.

Step 3: Accommodation – Being a leader in the market with good connections, we can book suitable accommodations for you at the best discounted prices. Hotel prices vary from season to season. We would inform you of the prices and availabilities in accordance to your travel dates. We also have beautiful apartments that could be rented out at discounted prices for the duration of your travel with sea view and swimming pool and within walking distance to the beach. The cost again will be deducted from the purchase price if you decide to buy via our company.


We do not have a fixed program, as we approach our clients in an empathetic manner.  Prior to the visit, depending on the number of stay days, weather conditions and number of properties planned for their inspection and locations we would jointly make our program in a manner that would also give you window to see and have a feel of the area, social environment, cultural and historical background. Also provide you with your own personal time for contemplation and making unpressured, clear decision and do your shopping. A Turkish Bath session is also recommended after a tiring inspection day.

In summary:

  • Assisting in flight bookings
  • Round trip airport transfers
  • Accommodation booking in a suitable hotel or apartment
  • Sightseeing and property viewing
  • Breaks for exploring on your won

If you decide to buy a property, assistance would be provided to start legal procedure which would only take a few hours to do:

  • Visit Notary office and have your power of attorney prepared by English speaking sworn translator for arranging all paperwork on your behalf while you are in the country.
  • Get your Turkish Tax Number from Turkish Tax Office. Open a Bank Account in your name which will facilitate your bank transfer transaction and arrange for stand-by payment order, including Internet Banking.

In a short time, all your documents will be ready for the issuance of the Title Deed in your name. We would also assist you if desired in making your furniture purchases and other required shopping for your new home as after sales services.

In addition:

If you chose to arrange your trip on your own, we recommend that you arrange for full holiday package or flights to the related location. You simply call us and arrange for an appointment. Our sales Representatives will pick you up from your accommodation at the agreed times. Or you can just call us and arrange to meet at a certain location that we are based close to.

It is preferable to arrange for booking your appointment with us 7 days prior to your arrival. However, “weareALANYA” sales representatives would always be ready to be of service at short notice.

As company policy; customers who purchase through “weareALANYA” but book their own inspection trip, and to help reduce the cost, we will deduct the cost of their flight tickets up to Euro 200 (maximum 2 persons) and Airport Transfer cost and from their 1st payment.


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