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Golf Courses in Alanya Turkey

The idea of having golf courses around Alanya has been very exciting for the buyers, sellers and investors in the real estate market, since the first unofficial rumors were aroused, in 2010. From then on, the market was hoping the golf course projects to be declared officially. In 2012, by the decision of the Council of Ministers, the appropriate golf project lands were declared as golf tourism centers, for a kick-off. Recently, Alanya district head of the government party has acknowledged that in Alanya district, the lands have been already allocated for 6 golf projects, around Alanya. We expect the golf courses to be completed in a few years.

Here are the 6 locations that officially confirmed as golf tourist centers in Alanya area:

  • 3 golf course in Okurcalar – 5 km to our Konakli developments
  • 1 golf course in Emisbeleni / Konakli  – Where Our developments Sunset Beach Residence VIP – phase 1 & 2 are located
  • 1 golf course in Turkler – 5 km to our Konakli developments
  • 1 golf course to Kargicak ( the east district of Alanya )

In 2012, former President of Alanya Chamber of Commerce Mr Kerim Aydogan underlined that the golf courses will be a milestone for Alanya, ALTSO was working for several years for this with big support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism Minister, Antalya’s parliamentarians, Governor of Alanya, Mayors of all Municipalities. Golf courses will substantially increase the popularity of Alanya as touristic place, converting it in a proper 12 month resort.

As it is known there are 15 million licensed golf players, 50 million unlicensed, total of 60 million people playing golf in the world, it is a large market. Combining golfing in a holiday resort like Alanya is an additional value for golf enthusiasts.

It will be also a great add on to the Turkish real estate market as it is expected at least 20% more home buyers for Alanya, as all courses will be sea view around the hills and will attract golf players.