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Property Lawyer Services in Turkey

Services of Real Estate Lawyer in Alanya – Turkey


Reliable Real Estate companies not only sell real estate but take responsibility until all sales, legal procedures and property registration are done on behalf of the buyer and which is not without risks. Our company “weareALANYA” understands this and therefore we do not sell any property unless it is a reliable company and we have relations with them based on mutual trust to secure our customers and preserve their rights. Choosing a reliable real estate company is the first step that any foreign buyer must undertake. Building trust and trust in a prestigious position requires years of hard work and sacrifice that can be destroyed within seconds.

In the past the property registration process took a long time, it could take months and it was very important to hire a lawyer to pursue the registration process. At present, the process of transfer of ownership does not exceed a few days (3-7 days), which in turn enabled the companies to be more flexible in the payment process and it contributed to raising prices for registration fees and transfer of ownership.

For customers who feel that they need additional regularization during the purchase and registration process, we recommend that the sales contract be certified by the Notary Public or a lawyer.

The sales contracts shall be processed and signed by the notary public and the cost is 1.2% of the value of the property or by a lawyer at a cost of 1% of the value of the property. The two methods are regularly followed in Turkey.

The lawyer in Turkey checks the documents and makes sure that there are no problems or suspensions for the property to be purchased. If necessary, the lawyer in Turkey also communicates with your lawyer in your home country if required.

The lawyer in Turkey also follows up all the procedures and works to secure the buyer’s rights until obtaining the title deed (the Tapu) on behalf of the buyer.

Legal advice prior to the purchase is free.