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G-20 Summit will be held in Antalya

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan recently confirmed that Turkey’s G20 presidency will start on December 1 and will continue for a year, adding that the leaders’ summit will take place in Antalya on Nov. 14-15, 2015.

Antalya’s hosting to G-20 Summit have also delighted the Alanya public, as this huge event will contribute in the diversity of investment, and the popularity of the area will rise.

Especially on behalf of Alanya area, we would like to take the opportunity of expressing our gratitude to Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Mevlut Cavusoglu for this event, and also more.

For over 10 years, especially tourism and property & real estate market was affected negatively due to the tardy progress in Alanya – Gazipasa airport project. But after he has become in charge, he showed great efforts on having all the difficult procedures completed and have the Alanya – Gazipasa Airport serving to both international and domestic flights. The lively air-port has already increased the value of the Alanya region in many aspects, and mostly improving the tourism and the real estate & property market.

Moreover, as being from Alanya, Mr. Cavusoglu values the importance of the Golf Courses built in Alanya, which are already projected by the related government departments, and will be opened for bids soon, will obviously boost the property & real estate investments and tourism activities in the area.