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Life Time Property Management in Alanya Turkey

Life Time Property Management in Alanya Turkey

When purchasing a property in Alanya (Turkish Riviera) as holiday get away and not a permanent residence, it is advisable that you utilize the property for a holiday investment (income) and still enjoy it when you are on holiday. “weareALANYA” has interesting Management Packs and ensure your property stay hassle free. These Management Packs enable you to make the best out of your holiday in your home abroad instead of putting you through a burden of maintaining your property during your stay. Let us take care of all the concerns and hassle that you may come face to face regarding your ownership. Our company has the experience and local contacts required in dealing with your property.


Self-catering holidays are becoming more increasing; where people desire to go on holiday and have the freedom of enjoying the country without hotel restrictions, therefore, the decision of having a private property in Turkey.

This plan provides you with flexibility of utilizing your property and chose the times you want to enjoy it such as Christmas, Children’s Holidays while renting out the property to visitors during the times you are not there during the rest of the tear. This would also provide you with the chance to help you with your mortgage payments or keep charges and earn some additional income.


“weareALANYA” has set-up a package which you can choose to utilize while away which are priced on Annual Payment Rates. Some of the services are inclusive (*) in the overall payment, others are invoiced and only when used. These would be billed directly to you for payment. When choosing this package, a minimum one-week notice is necessary to ensure that these services are carried out prior to your arrival. However, opting for this Management Pack ensures that you enjoy the benefit of a 24-Hour service in case of emergencies and last-minute visit decisions.

If there is anything else you would like to include in your chosen pack, please check with us.

Basic Package

  • 12 visits per year, security check on all doors, windows. Inspect damp, flush sanitary fittings, air the property to prevent stagnation and odor, check for leaks, cracks, weather damage, test boiler, air conditioners, electrical appliances and lightening. An e-mail with the inspection report will be forwarded to you.
  • The e-mail will also include updated information on Bill Payments, Reports and any other necessary communication.
  • Repair of damages*: If any damage occurs, you will be immediately contacted through the phone number you have provided. You will subsequently be informed of what needs to be done and as agreed with you; what steps to be under-taken. “weareALANYA” will follow-up on the quality of works and progress. A report will be forwarded once they are complete satisfactorily.
  • Key holding – to ensure access for any maintenance / cleaning to be supervised at all times.
  • Follow up payment of electrical bills*
  • Follow up payment of water bills*
  • Follow up payment of taxes* (even if you have those set up it is always useful to have someone authorized to deal with it in emergencies in case of problems or service suspensions).
  • Assistance with insurance service*
  • Removal of mail from letter box and sort to remove junk mail. Either left in the property or forwarded to your residential address.
  • Act as your phone contact
  • Upon request; assistance with arranging airport transfers, car rental, cleaning, fridge filling (detailed prices of these services available on request)
  • When customer chooses to rent property, guests will be taken to the property and shown around, confirm their departure and check for any damages

*all these property management services are invoiced to owners as and when utilized.