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New legislation will speed up the Turkish Property Market

Buying property in Turkey has now finally become effortless for foreign citizens due to the new law that was introduced recently.

In Turkey, all foreign needed approval from the Turkish Military Headquarters for long years. This was causing a long military approval process, which was involving the checking of the property location accordingly their proximity of the strategic military zones. And for every title deed application, the process was being repeated over and over for every single applicant even though from the same apartments (land and parcel number) had already been approved for other foreign buyers. That is why, for every single application, it was taking too long to approve as 3 to 5 months.

And now the Good News comes,

This process has been simplified with the new legislations have just been introduced on October 8. Today, if any foreign title deed application has been approved by Military Headquarters in the same land and parcel number (apartments or villas in a complex), there will not be any need to re-apply for permission, means that foreign citizens are able to get their Title Deeds in a few days, by following the casual processes.

As the title deed acquisition is simplified, to buy a holiday home in Turkey has become more secured. Constructor companies like Lgt -letsgototurkey – is easily offering their customers to pay a small deposit referred in the contract first, and let the customer pay the rest when they receive their title deeds.

Turkish property market has been improving since the first property acquisition law was introduced, in 2004. From then on, although the Turkish property market has experienced dramatically ups and downs mainly due to the difficulties of title deed acquisition, this beautiful country, from now on, for sure will take the deserved position in the very near future in European property market. Thanks to the updated legislation for buying properties in Turkey.

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