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Real Estate Investment in Turkey

The change in the laws governing the purchasing and owning property or trade in Turkey by foreign, has effectively contributed to attracting investors to the real estate market, especially from Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Iran and other countries. In addition to these new laws, Turkey’s progress in improving living standards and services has been welcomed by foreign investors.

Turkey is Europe’s most conservationist country and which I is one of the most important factors, has encouraged foreigners to get a second home in this sunny country, with its abundance of clear lakes, long sandy beaches, stunning green mountains and many rivers that cut fertile land in Anatolia. Today, the Mediterranean has become one of the most popular places to live in, with 300 sunny days a year.

Real Estate Investment with We Alanya

“weareALANYA” is a group of companies offering investment options for both large companies and individual investors. 8 limited companies are part of Alanya Group which are interested in developing various projects in cooperation with Scandinavian investment companies along with individual investors based on partnership. It is registered in Alanya Chamber of Commerce under No. 14783.

How does our investment group work?

For project investors (investment companies):

Investment – find valuable land and in a good location, prepare the budget and submit it to investors

Construction – Building Development

Real Estate – Real estate marketing for partners represented by investment companies and individual investors

For Real Estate Investors (3+ Real Estate):

You can buy real estate with discounted rates, pay on installments and resale (during development, completion or thereafter) to make a profit. “weareALANYA” cooperates with real estate investors as consultants and marketing managers for their investments, and if necessary, transfer their profits to our future Alanya projects. For investors wishing to invest in a full range of apartments (20+) discounted prices can be negotiated.

For unplanned investors (one property):

Buy real estate at a very early stage and be among the first two buyers to get your advertiser discount and the opportunity to choose the best properties available. The aim of this package is to minimize both cost and reduce advertising costs, thus transferring these savings to the first buyer.

For details or more information you can contact us directly about land, hotels, complexes or other projects that you are interested in at

 Below are some other details

Turkey is strategically located near Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and European markets.

The existence of cooperation agreements with 39 countries to promote and protect mutual investments is also an agreement to prevent double taxation

Turkey has been a member since 1999 of the customs union with the European Union and a candidate for the European Union. Turkey enjoys a very free investment climate, including freedom of movement (international) of capital, profits and salaries, free trade zones and subsidies. As well as:

There are no government price regulations and the existence of a large labor force at relatively low cost. A large local market with 72 million consumers and modern infrastructure. A prominent European tourist destination. Member of The World Trade Organization (WTO)which is one of the most dynamic countries in the world


The partnership allows us to cooperate with you and be your representatives in Turkey and keep pace with the rapid development and development of the local Turkish market. We would be happy to cooperate with you in the Real Estate market and cooperate with other Local and European Real Estate agencies. The company’s policy is to cooperate only with registered and reputable companies. Our main principle is to provide good service to customers and expect the same commitment from our partners